SpeechStickers 3.0.1 is here as a Free Update!
Version 3.0.1 of SpeechStickers is now available with four new consonant sounds: F, V, H, and W!
(Note: a version 3.0 was briefly available yesterday with a flaw that caused the child sticker to lose his voice. If you downloaded that version, just install this free update to get the fix.)  more info...
RiffSync 1.2.2
An update to RiffSync is now available on the Mac App Store. Version 1.2.2 adds the ability to play the intro of a Riff (the part before the movie starts). This version also improves sync with the new DVD Player included with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.  more info...
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The Companion for RiffTrax on your Mac!

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SpeechStickers - for iPad
A fun, interactive activity that motivates children with speech delay to practice the basic building blocks of speech.